November 2016

HSC3047 SUPPORT THE USE OF MEDICATION IN SOCIAL CARE There are several legislations to help with the administration of medications in the social care setting:— MEDICINES ACT 1968— This requires […]

5.4.2 Babies:- It is essential when caring for babies that they need to have a special bond / relationship with a key person. Babies need time to make a special […]

Unit 4222-232 Move and position individuals in accordance with their plan of care (HC 2028) 1.1 Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to the importance […]

How effective was the technique in reducing your stress In doing this little experiment I learned a great deal about myself and thinking that I would just resort back to […]

The witches constitute our introduction to the realm of maternal malevolence unleashed by the loss of paternal protection; as soon as Macbeth meets them, he becomes. . . their “wayward […]