November 2016

While I would not say this was an important moment in my life, I would say it was significant, at least to me. It was the day of the Twilight […]

Tiara Vella 2158 7117 RATIONALE The concept/intent of my Core Composition is the power of voodoo. My stimulous is ideational. My idea stemmed from research on the various types of […]

We can only achieve a sense of belonging in an environment which fosters understanding and acceptance. Everyone desires to truly belong; and depending on ones acceptance and understanding of those […]

From Craft Production to Mass Production To summarize our readings and writings on the evolution of craft production to mass production, one must start from the beginning of our readings. […]

Cracked Up to Be Reader??™s Report Parker Fadley used to be perfect. She used to have perfect looks, perfect boyfriend, perfect grades, and a perfect life. She was the head […]

Portfolio Evidence for Unit 2 Candidate Report ??“ Task 1 (CR1) My role as a tutor is very challenging and demanding and it is very rewarding to witness learners achievements […]

Role of Regulatory Bodies OFSTED. (The Office for Standards in Education Service & Skills). The fundamental role of the regulatory bodies is to ensure that children receive the best possible […]