Hsm 210 Evaluating Communication Strategies

Evaluating Communication Strategies

Kelli Gary

Evaluating Communication Strategies

In order to communicate effectively to the clients I serve at The United Way agency I would have to learn about the language differences between the multicultural clients there. I would also have to learn to be objective when it comes to dealing with the homeless clients due to my own silly prejudice. I cannot properly help those homeless clients and be repulsed by them that makes no sense. I will also have to learn the best way to approach the women and children, while women and children are gentle and often open they can shut down on me if I do not approach in a gentle, trusting manner.
When figuring the best strategies or techniques to best approach the clients I serve at The United Way Agency I see the Behavior therapy as the best way to approach all of my clients. I could help my clients focus on their currents issues and work to help them with it. I will also have to use objective techniques when approaching my clients. Each client might have different background and come from different environments, so being objective will help me stay unjudgemental towards the different circumstances of my clients.
When communicating with the individuals at The United Way Agency I can see some of the tools I will have to adapt to when communicating with them. For example when talking to the children I serve I will have to be extra patient. Me being a stranger to them they will likely need time before their sky facades give away to trust. As for the women and other adults I will have to use genuineness I want the adults to trust my desire to help them. I want them to think I??™m there to help because of my pay, which most adults use as excuses not trust officials who try to help.

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