Perception of Irresponsibility
A large gap exists between the publics perception of video games??™ negative effects and what the research actually shows on the contrary. The following is an attempt to separate fact from fiction. As a company, our reputation has shared its amounts of adverse hits. We hope that this paper serves as a defense on our point: that we do not serve as a direct cause of the problems, but are looking at a proposal to assist the negative lashing at the video game industry. As a company, this negative focus has impacted our company dramatically and thus we must act with precision and ensure to all our customers that we will provide solutions to assist with this perceived problem.
Our main point in the public??™s perception of irresponsibility by our company is that like any other product, there is self-responsibility for each customer when they buy video games. Kids, ideally, should have parental supervision in all their activities with video games being no different. Our company prides itself in having the highest variety of games to suite all gamers. We have a vast amount of games for all ages ranging from toddlers to adults. For this reason, our company has stood alone when compared to our closest competitor.

This recent graph illustrates the actual comparison of video game sales compared to actual violent crimes by its players. The statistical data shows that for 200 video games sold there are about 10 violent crimes by youth. With all our game developers we ensure that the ESRB rating system is applied to alert the consumer on the maturity level for each game. The primary responsibility of the ESRB is it assigns the age and content ratings displayed on all computer and video games, enforces advertising and marketing guidelines, and helps companies implement responsible online privacy practices. This gives gamers of our video game system an additional level of assurance that they games are thoroughly evaluated and adequately rated to inform of the maturity level required. The retailers of the games for our console also have the responsibility to make certain the purchasing gamer is age appropriate based on the games ESRB rating. There is a shared responsibility with video game content that if all parties do their part, we can prevent inappropriate content being played by our gamers.
Video Game Effect on Student??™s Grades
The other argument against video game is its effects on the grades of our students. The main concern is that video game play has distracted the student away from their scholastic responsibilities and thus the drop in their grades. There are a lot of factors that play a role in a student??™s lack of interest in school and we will show definitive reasons to show that video games and our console are not the primary cause. Our point of defending video game influence on violent behavior, we believe that individual and parental supervision with specialized responsibility on each person.

For a small minority of players, the recreational pastime can become an all-consuming passion, and interfere with relationships with friends and other loved ones and with school and career. This is where our company firmly believes on self-responsibility. Like any vice or form of entertainment, there has to be some level of judgment by the games and his/her parents or loved ones to ensure that it is a form of recreation that doesn??™t consume the individual. There are other forms of electronic media and entertainment such as social media sites, smart phones, portable tablets, etc. All of these devices and websites can also be just as time consuming and can cause the student to stray from scholastic responsibilities resulting in poor grades. The above graph indicates that in a recent study, the average college student is playing more video games during a typical week and shows the individuals lack of proper time management.
Our company has recently noticed this recent problem with video game addictions. As an industry leader, we have always held our gamers of all ages in high regard. Even though we don??™t believe that video games and out gaming console is the direct reason for poor grades by gaming students, we have acknowledged that is an issue that requires attention. We cannot afford to have the video game industry be the primary reason for student??™s lack of good grades. There are additional factors that take into account such as lack of parent involvement, inadequate teachers, and poor school systems. The video games can become part of the problem when all other support systems do not recognize and try to correct a student??™s poor performance.
Digital World as a Company
As a company, we have taken a number of hits from the consumer base that blames video games and its consoles for the majority of student??™s problems along with their health and lack of drive. A large amount of our video game consoles are used in schools with special video games that are used to assist teachers in teaching student new and or complicated course content. It provides a fresh take on learning using a platform that is welcome by students as a viable learning tool. It was our impression that by being this diverse with the range of games we currently hold for our game console that the consumers and critics would see this.
We have additionally, donated student based software for schools for their specialized game consoles. We have also provided software for teacher through convenient access for their smartphone that allows them to monitor changes in student grades and behaviors. We feel that there are sufficient tools in place to help students succeed. The amount of cases from students failing classes or being distracted by video games is smaller than we think. There is also a system that for students that have a Digital World console, they can review course materials at home using the same user friendly interface. This allows teachers to provide additional feedback for issues with the work completed on the game console??™s school work. This important service to the students comes to them at no additional charge from the initial game console purchase. This makes our console a multi-function entertainment/educational system. This is another reason our console is one of a kind and an industry leader based on its overall capabilities.
Digital World takes pride in its perception within the community. This is what sets us apart from any other gaming consoles in the industry. We understand that there are definite problems that affect our students, family, and friends alike. We also feel that they are not the direct result of our company but we are willing to undertake this unique solution to the perceived problem. The gaming industry has taken a hit and has become the brunt of the blame for a lot of society??™s problems. We fully expect that this new software on the Digital World game consoles will continue to drive positive results in our sales margin and more importantly increase the consumer faith in our products and services related to assisting students with our new tools.

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