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This opportunity to apply for the position of appears to be an ideal role for me.
Over the last years I have gained wide experience in dealing with people from all backgrounds, ages, cultures and beliefs and I have enjoyed this immensely.

My background has laid the foundation for strong managerial characteristics and I am able to communicate effectively at all levels. I am well versed in seeking and extracting critical information in order to bring about effective resolution to all concerned. My current role allows me to manage at strategic level, empowering colleagues and contractors to deliver results but also to micro manage where necessary in order to ensure performance standards, deadlines and commitments are met.

I have a strong business sense and my current appointment as allows me to guide, administer and develop both the people and the programmes through guided learning, situational exposure and confidence building. I use a variety of tools to engender this: Neuro Linguistic, motivational and experiential learning all coupled with a desire to succeed.

Having looked at the job description I feel that I possess most of the qualities you are looking for:
I have chaired meetings at all levels including internal and external clients and these have ranged from workshop style through to formal presentation and discussion.
I have contributed and been part of the development of business plans and cohesive planning documents, especially in the area of and , the most recent being . This has resulted in effectively services to external organisations, enabling both new internal and external learning for contractors and staff to occur.
As a hands-on manager I have developed policies and protocols to deliver best use of resources whilst maintaining good working relationships with colleagues, this method having resulted in a new annual appraisal system for staff and contractors. As a result of this I am able to identify learning needs and wants for colleagues and clients, enabling progress through resource to deliver and achieve this learning.
I am a great user of consultation, this being shown in gaining the CharterMark Award, and by using the consultation results I have been able to direct and shape both of the National projects to deliver better outcomes. (This has recently been independently verified in the results of the three year research programme).
Over the last six years I have contributed to the development of key strategic documents both for and for external organisations such as , especially within the guidance protocols and treatment for .
In response to various issues regarding I have been interviewed by and have delivered messages and promoted services on all occasions.

My current role is extremely varied and the rapid changes that occur daily require quick response, informed decision making and reasoned judgement, all of which I strive to deliver, mindful of risk, exposure and impact of every step.

I feel that this vacancy represents the next step on my career ladder and should you wish for more information, please contact me on the numbers listed.
Thank You

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