Hrm531 Phase One – the New Team

Phase One ??“ The New Team
HRM 531

As a result of the InterClean and Enviro Tech Merger, I have an opportunity to create the sales organization from the ground up. This will allow me to re-define positions, evaluate and assign people to the new positions and create developmental plans to assist our employees with their personal growth while meeting the company??™s objectives.

The first step to rebuilding the organization is to perform job analysis. Job analysis determines requirements needed for the sales positions. ???Job analysis is the foundation of many human resource management programs??? (Page (1989). Human resource planning and job analysis). To determine the position responsibilities, I used a combination of job performance and interviews. Job performance allowed me to understand tasks needed to perform the job as well as understanding the other components of the job that include environmental, physical, and social skills. Interviews provide both non-standard and standard work requirements that may not be captured in the job performance evaluation like forecasting and planning appointments. This two-pronged approach allowed me to determine job duties and get the employees opinion of the job requirements.

Upon completion of the job analysis, I have determined that the duties for the sales positions are as follows:

??? Develop and execute turn-key solutions for existing and new customers that meet customers needs and sales goals
??? Demonstrate understanding of current sanitation issues, OSHA requirements, environmental regulation of cleaning systems and any legal/regulatory issues relating to sanitation
??? Educate and train customers to ensure they fully understand the latest sanitation issues and are knowledgeable about all of products
??? Forecast necessary product requirements
??? Exhibit strong leadership, interpersonal and technical skills

The second step is to establish a workforce planning system. There are three different workforce planning systems: strategic, tactical, and human resources. I focused on a strategic planning workforce system because ???strategic planning is not about how to position products and businesses within an industry. Rather, it??™s about changing industry rules or creating tomorrow??™s industries??? (Casico, Managing Human Resources, Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits, 2005, p. 172. This approach focuses on:

??? Philosophy ??“ why the organization exists
??? Defining a mission statement
??? Preparing SWOT
??? Define the design of the company
??? Developing programs and strategies

I determined that I will need a combination of seasoned and aggressive employees to complete this team. These individuals will need strong leadership, communication, organization, and technical skills. These skills will allow the employees to succeed in selling solution- based products and not just individual products. By developing a team with different skill sets, the company will be able to meet all of our new and existing customers needs while providing our team with mentoring possibilities so that they can learn best practices from each other.

Next, I developed an action plan for employee selection, training, placement, promotion, development, and compensation. Employee selection process was based on personal interviews, review of past performance appraisals as well as input from previous managers. I then developed a training program based on the areas that our new department needs to focus on. This will consist of consultative selling, Osha Education, and presentation classes. I worked with Human Resources to develop this plan as well as indentify seasoned individuals who can become mentors. Not only will this plan provide the training needed, but also allow the more junior employees to gain experience from their mentors. After training has been completed and all employees have been in their jobs for six months, I will perform a mid-year performance appraisal session to discuss strengths, areas of opportunity, career goals, and prepare a developmental plan.

Based on the job analysis, the company requires the following sales positions including band levels and compensation:

Position # of positions Band Compensation
sales manager two ten $70 ??“ 100k, 25% bonus
senior sales manager two twenty $90-120k, 25% bonus
team leader two thirty $115-140k, 30% bonus

Position & Band Point Spread Midpoint Minimum Pay Rate Maximum Pay Rate Maximum Bonus Percentage
Sales manager 10 1 ??“ 20 10 $70,000 $100,000 25%
Senior sales manager 20 21 – 41 31 $90,000 $120,000 25%
Team leader 30 42 – 62 52 $115,000 $140,000 30%

Goals for these positions will be as follows:

??? Deliver 10% growth on Gross Sales for specified customers
??? Gain one new customer within Calendar year
??? Create and ship a new solution-based system for existing customer
??? Attend OSHA class and demonstrate understanding of current sanitation issues, environmental regulation of cleaning systems and any legal/regulatory issues relating to sanitation by passing the OSHA Training test
??? Forecast inventory needs within +/??“ 4% monthly

The last step is the selection process. I reviewed the talent from our workforce planning system and used the general mental ability test as well as the work sample test to determine the best candidates for our new team. I used tests because ???
Tests are standardized measures of behavior (e.g., math, vocabulary) that have right and wrong ansIrs??? (Casico, Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits, 2005. p. 243. The advantage to a test is that ???tests cannot be falsified??? (Casico, Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits, 2005, p. 243). The disadvantage to a test is that it may not be the best way to determine placement or development because the employee may only be motivated to pass the test and not focused on what future career goals.

Using these two methods I have determined the following traits for the existing talent pool:

Name Existing Role Knowledge Skills/Abilities Career Motivations New Role
Dennis White Sales Rep InterClean 4rs exp Aggressive, likes closing new deal Sr Sales Rep, Team Leader Sales Rep West
Eric Borden Sales Rep EnviroTech 14yrs exp Customer service, Team Leader, contributed financial growth, keeps current on sanitation issues Sr Sales Rep, Team Leader, Team Leader West
Ving Hsu Sales Rep Enviro Tech 12yrs exp Customer service, training seminars, customers love him Sr Sales Rep Sr Sales Rep West
Terry Garcia Sales Rep Enviro Tech 6yrs Former HS teacher, good communication skills, critical thinking, customer service Sr Sales Rep Sales Rep East
Jim Martin VP Sales InterClean Customer service, exceeding sales goals, tries new things
Shane Huck Sales Mgr InterClean 8yrs Aggressive, exceed sales goals, new accts, no maintenance acct
Tom Gonzalez Sales Mgr Envir Tech 5yrs, 25yrs exp Leadership, developing solutions products, long-term relationship with customers Sr Sales Rep, Team Leader Team Leader East
Donna Wilson Sales rep
InterClean 2yrs does not like long-term relationships
Mark Pierce Sales rep Interclean 8 months Aggressive, gets sales at all costs
Susan Burnt Sales rep Interclean 24yrs Aggressive, exceed goals, customer service Sr Sales Rep Senior Sales Rep East

Based on this information, I have selected the following individuals to fill the open positions:

Team Leaders: Eric Borden (West) and Tom Gonzalez (East)
Senior Sales Reps: Ving Hsu (West) and Susan Burnt
Sales Reps: Dennis White (West) and Terry Garcia (East)

These individuals will meet with myself and Human Resources to discuss their new roles and a communication will go out to the entire organization by the end of the week.


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Human resource management series. Washington, DC: Bureau of National Affairs, 1989.]

The McGraw Hill Companies (2005). Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits. pp. 172, 243 (7th ed.). Casico.

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