Court System

Now the State court system in general includes a Supreme Court and Federal court system which make up three levels: U.S. district courts, U.S. courts of appeal, and the U S Supreme court. The U S district courts are the trial courts of the federal system and are positioned mainly in larger cities. Federal gets to decide only those cases over which the Constitution gives them power. In the federal court system the top court is the U S Supreme court which is found in the state of Washington, D.C. Supreme courts only hears cases on appeal from lower courts. The courtroom is made up and comprised of qualified professional courtroom personal, which consist of the judge, the defense counsel, the court reporter, the prosecuting attorney, the clerk of the court the local court administrator, the bailiff and the expert witness.
Most people believe that the D.A. and the Defense attorneys are always fighting amongst themselves. That is not the case; the two sides actually cooperate with each other. This cooperation is a given because the defense attorney must be able to present all options to their client as far as pleas are concerned and they must also be able to educate their client of all the evidence that the D.A. has against them. Anyone who is not familiar with the court system would believe that the attorneys are from both sides are having some kind of secret battle of wits amongst themselves to see which side will actually win the case. Keeping that in mind it is more likely that two opposing sides in a major court case that is highly publicized are more likely to work together to reach a proper agreement and for the sake of Justice and a fair trial. The legal system that we have here in the United States of America was based on the English court system and has had a strong presence in the U.S. since our country was first established. So the system is planned to permit all citizens to be given a fair criminal trial in spite of social status, gender, race, and ethnic background. (Prescott, J. J. (2008). The U. S court system is composed of different aspects of the law and the process can be very difficult to understand. In order to get a good understanding of the court system and the structure of the court system we have to take a deeper look into the process of gathering information and compiling a case against a criminal.
The U S has a federal system of government in which authority is divided between a central authority and smaller local units of government. It also has a dual system of federal and state courts that are independent of one another. Since each state has its own system, there are in essence 52 courts systems in the U S (Prescott, J.J.2008). The right of a court to make a decision on a case is called its jurisdiction. The Courts have jur

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