Hrm 531 Week 3 Individual

Job Analysis

Joseph Tamez


August 20, 2012

Dennis Schultz


To: Hiring Manager

From: Electronic Department Manager

Date: August 15, 2012

Subject: Additional personnel needed in Electronics Department

With the increase of sales in the area, the Electronics Department at Sam??™s Club is seeking eligible candidates to keep up with increasing customer demands. In order to fill the positions needed, certain qualifications are needed to ensure the employees will be a great fit for the Sam??™s Club team. A list of requirements and responsibilities follow:

Required Qualifications:
Experience using technology to support the Electronics Department
Experience in sales
High School diploma or equivalent

Preferred Qualifications:
Associate Degree in Electronics
Bilingual in English and Spanish

Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Primary responsibilities:
1. To be professional at all times when on the store grounds.
2. Treat coworkers and their property with respect and follow the compliance policies and the guidelines of the Sam??™s Club.
3. Use professional knowledge, judgment, and experience when answering client questions or concerns.
4. Provide effective communication via telephone and/or in person to ensure a positive experience when resolving client issues. Address concerns to proper management and seek appropriate resolution to potential problems.
5. Demonstrate personal and professional integrity that align with the company vision and goals.
6. Assist clients in making informed decisions about their purchases while providing ethical and accurate information.
7. Display public support and pride in Sam??™s Clubs initiatives and keep a positive attitude during and work hours.

Application materials should include:
1) A letter of application addressing required & preferred qualifications and desired position;
2) Sam??™s Club Employment Application, including Criminal Background Check Authorization form;
3) A current resume;
4) Copy of high school transcript (official transcript will be required if hired);
5) Three letters of reference ??“ Please provide a list of three reference names & their current contact information.

NOTE: Incomplete applications will not be considered.

What strategy would you use to outline the positions details
* Since the positions need to be created, this would entail the collaboration of the Electronic Department Manager and the Hiring Manager. Current office personnel would be involved to determine what is working and what is not. The job duties may need to be modified, and the job qualifications may be revisited based on the needs of the different shifts. I am envisioning a more educated and experienced Electronic Department assistant trained to readily assist the clients with all of their needs and make them feel welcome.
What would the duties be
* Duties would include being able to answer questions pertaining to all aspects of electronics, the knowledge to fill out department forms, answer questions related to promotions or specials, be familiar with the different departments to navigate customers to the right areas, be able to set up or turn on electronic equipment if necessary, and posses the energy and ability to smile.
What would the performance requirements for the positions be
* Performance requirements and abilities would vary. Expectations would include computer skills in Word and Excel, being able to navigate the internal software of the computers, being able to give accurate information and handle sensitive documents, having perfect attendance, and being able to give excellent customer service.
What preexisting knowledge and skills would be required for the positions
* Sam??™s Club expects the applicants to have a high school diploma. Experience using technology is also required. Applicants must have experience in sales. Applicants should exhibit excellent communication and customer service skills and good interdependence skills.

???The era of intense competition in all spheres of the global economy has forced companies to spare no effort to retain their market share and to compete successfully in the marketplace,??? (Renko, 2011, p. 400). Since 1983, Sam??™s Club??™s competitive advantage is creating ???a simple shopping environment??? for more than 47 million members. Due to the recent success in increased sales in the Electronics Department, the team must continue to maintain this position within the organization and marketplace. What an opportunity to take advantage of the increased sales and yet still maintain the premise of ???a simple shopping environment??? ( A team is ???the source for the products and services??? that the Sam??™s Club members count on, and as ???frontline employees, [they] play a pivotal role in the face to face service,??? (Di Mascio, 2010, p. 63). With the previous job duties and expectations, our team is confident that additional employees will be able to continue our success, in not only our department, but in our company.

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