Hrm 531 Week 2


The analysis method that will be used is the questionnaire given to all the sales team employees along with interviews. The questionnaire will be web-based and have a separate section for anonymous comments. This will allow an opportunity to get to know the mindsets and feelings of the employees that are a part of the original company as well as get to know the people that are new to the organization. According to Cascio (2005), the questionnaire can help avoid lost work time, allow for surveying across geographical locations and cross cultural barriers while the interview can ???provide information about standard as well as nonstandard and mental work??? (p. 167). Because the employee is reporting on themselves, they are able to give information that is not typically seen through regular observation and unavailable from any other source.


The general purpose of the sales department under general supervision will be performing a wide variety of complex and highly responsible professional duties. The sales department will provide knowledgeable information to our customers and vendors. An incumbent is expected to provide customer responsive, cost effective and high quality purchasing services for customers, consistent with applicable legal requirements. Examples of essential duties, responsibilities and skills describe the general nature and level of work performed by incumbents assigned to this classification. However, any one position may not perform all duties listed. Incumbents will receive, review and process purchase orders generating orders either by hard copy or through the company??™s electronic requisition system. All orders will be verified for compliance with pertinent laws, regulations and codes and company policies and standards. Review information to ensure it is complete, accurate and order parameters are clear and understood. Receives and reviews orders to be sent for payment; determines whether products have been received and paid for through the automated tracking system.

The main job tasks of the sales team members will be to:
??? present and sell company products to current and potential clients as individual products and service packages
??? prepare action plans, presentations, proposals and sales contracts
??? develop and maintain sales materials and current product knowledge
??? establish and maintain sales materials and potential client relationships
??? prepare a variety of status reports, including activity, closings, follow-up, and adherence to goals
??? other duties as assigned

The overall mission is to be first to introduce all-inclusive full service solutions package, domestically and worldwide.


The selection method falls in line with the company??™s globalization mission. The plan aims to hire a very diverse staff that can meet the demands of the team. Marketing methods included employee referrals and outside advertising. Our internal methods included personality and integrity tests, employment interviews, personality and projector measures, and the situational judgment test. Each of these test are used to test the natural reactions, character traits, motivation, and abilities of candidates.
As a part of the interview process, all employees/ interviewees will be ranked from 1-9 on their ability to answer the questions listed below. If there are two or more employees with similar scores, a tie breaking sales pitch shall be required. The sales pitch will be geared towards a medical facility looking for the latest in cleaning technology that is compliant with all standards, regulations and laws. The better sales pitch which will be measured with the criteria of self-confidence, communication, risk-taking, and appeal. These questions were adapted from Office of Human Resources, Assistant Secretary for Management and Budget. US Department of Health and Human Services.

Interview Question: What image do you have of our company and this industry
Answer Guide: Should have done a thorough job of research on our industry and company
Should have a positive view of our company however if there the view is negative; should have a suggestion for improvement.

Interview Question: What kind of goals motivate you the best
Answer Guide: Should be enthusiastic about setting goals

Interview Question: What was your most significant professional accomplishment Tell me about it in detail.
Answer Guide: Should provide enough information to demonstrate how their accomplishment can easily be repeated and applied to the sales position.

Interview Question: Tell me about a sales experience that demonstrates your work ethic.
Answer Guide: Should be able to provide both a positive and a negative experience and if negative how they turned it into a positive one.

Interview Question: How do you generate leads
Answer Guide: Should be able to provide at least three.

Interview Question: How do you deal with difficult buyers How do you handle price objections
Answer Guide: Should be able to describe selling on the value and not solely on the price.

Interview Question: What is your sales closing method
Answer Guide: Should be able to describe three different closing techniques that they will be ready to use prior to meeting with a prospective client.

Interview Question: As you may be aware of our merger and our new direction in sales and service, what steps have you taken to prepare for this change
Answer Guide: Should mention how the change in the direction of the company will also change their goals and methods of accomplishing those goals.

Interview Question: How would you rate yourself as a salesperson on a scale from 1 to 10 Answer Guide: A very low rating suggests poor self-belief. Too high of a rating may suggest a level of arrogance that may be resistant to suggestions of improvement. However, if they can explain why they deserve a high rating then they may just be confident and aware of their selling skills.

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